Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Desert Safari Deals in Dubai

Authentic Cuisines in Dubai

Indian spices, Persian ingredients, Bedouin lifestyle and Levantine specialties are all combined to influence the cuisine of Dubai. The Dubai Food Festival turns on its burners. Here’s where to go when you want to taste of tradition desert safari deals

Aseelah, Deira Creek
This venue set in the heart of Old Dubai. Which offers a modern twist on traditional flavors in both its subtle aesthetic, thick sand, inspired colors, and a jute draped Ghaf tree center piece and its menu. As well as classics such as fish in gravy with spicy rice, the selection of dishes inventively combines original ingredients with European cooking and presentation techniques. Space boasts a separate lounge area
Logma, Boxpark
It locates in one Dubai’s funkiest strip malls, Boxpark. This casual cafĂ© serves up authentic Khaleeji cuisine. The fresh and modern environment is perfect for tucking into everything from breakfast. Specialties of breakfast include chamber and chebab to heartier dishes such as Emirati style chicken and rice. Lunch includes sandwiches, salads, and that typically Emirati dessert, crunchy dumplings, Luqaimat sweet wash down with a cup of milky tea.
Dubai’s authentic local cuisines
Dubai may have a love of all traditional things; street style food is still present in this air conditioned eating and drinking paradise. Following are some local cuisines in Dubai desert safari
Levant cuisine has become identical with Arabic restaurants across the city, but Zaroob offers a fresh, fast food style take on the usual grills, shawarma, and flatbreads. The open kitchens and live cooking stations produce sights and smell reminiscent of a Middle Eastern street market, and the name of the restaurant  translates as “small alley.”
Dubai is not short of Pakistani restaurants, but there is only one that every expert can name, and it is Ravi. Its popularity never vacillates because the food is always top notch. Plastic chairs and tables sit randomly on the corner of one of the only pavement lined high streets in one of the oldest parts of town.
North Korean
South Korean Restaurants can easily find in the city, but the cooking offering of North Korea can also easily find in Dubai. Pyongyang Okryu gwan is a right place to model the country’s food, though it is tough to say how reliable food is since most people have never visited reclusive North Korea. BBQ meat at your table, consume kimchi like there is no tomorrow and try not to be too disappointed by the unremarkable decor.
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